Research & Development

We invest heavily in research and development to pioneer new and unique technologies and training strategies which give our clients and corporate partners an unprecedented advantage over the competition

Inquire to learn about the range of projects we have previously undertaken as well as the services we offer. 

Previous Partnerships Include:

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Evolving Fitness Corporation -

  • Helped to develop IP protected patents for a software systems that uses near infrared spectroscopy to modulate exercise intensit 

  • Developed algorithms, using biomarker data, to instruct exercisers to modulate intensity in live time


N1 Education & Training - 

  • Helped conduct research related to best practices for eliciting muscular hypertrophy using NIRS (near infrared spectroscopy), SEMG, and custom data analysis tools. 

Moxy Monitor -

  • Designed a continuing education course for Moxy Monitor that received NSCA certification. The course is titled "The Science & Practice of Performance Enhancement with NIRS: A Practical Guide to Muscle Oxygenation"