Physiological Testing

We develop custom training solutions for athletes seeking the highest levels of performance

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Using cutting edge technologies and custom data analysis tools we provide comprehensive physiological testing to determine each athletes individual energetic limiters, sport specific limiters, as well as appropriate training loads. After testing we organize a session to discus each individuals results and provide a detailed report with recommended interventions and strategies to enhance performance over the long term.

Physiological testing can be done in person (we bring the lab to you) or remotely if you have access to a lab already. Prices vary based on the number of tests performed, travel costs, and ongoing consultation packages. 

Educational Courses
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The Science & Practice of Performance Enhancement with NIRS was originally developed for professional team sport and military trainers. It was presented to small groups or even one-on-one over several days. Now it has been adapted to an online training format. It is the most advanced material that is currently publicly available for using muscle oxygen monitoring to train acyclic sport athletes more effectively.

The course is hosted on Moxy Academy as a partnership between
Emergent Performance Lab and Moxy Monitor. As a promotion for the launch of this course, Moxy is offering a rebate of part of the purchase price for the course that can be applied to the purchase of a Moxy sensor.

If you're interested in purchasing this course you can access the sale page on the Moxy Monitor Academy

Performance Engineering

‘If you're close enough to the individual lines of a drawing to know them in detail you cannot be removed enough from the drawing , from the drawing to know what it is as a whole, and vice versa.’ - Fritjof Capra  

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As a coach, or a self coached athlete, knowledge is power. However, when you’re in the trenches day in and day out you’re often too close to see the big picture, and accumulated knowledge can quickly lead to paralysis by analysis. Enter Emergent Performance Lab's most comprehensive and hands on consulting package: Performance Engineering.

With Performance Engineering you will have a Emergent Performance Lab team member  overseeing your, or your athlete’s, program in order to help guide you through the stages of long term development, analyze data trends, troubleshoot issues as they arise, and make executive decisions regarding the direction of the program. Coaches don’t have time to analyze every detail and interaction in training and as a result it can be difficult to see the big picture and take a holistic approach to the training process by making sure an athlete’s program, nutritional interventions, restoration practices, and lifestyle work synergistically.


With this package you can take the guesswork out of the equation under the watchful eye of EPL as we observe the big picture drawing from a bird eye view while you pain the fine lines working one on one with the athlete.

Performance Engineering Retainer:
-Conducted via phone, Skype/Zoom.US
-2 hours per month: 275$
-4 hours per month: 510$
-8 hours per month: 960$