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Educational Courses

Performance Physiology is a course created by Evan Peikon for coaches and athletes who want better understand the science of training. As you work through this course you'll be exposed to concepts and ideas from fields such as integrative physiology, molecular biology, optics, rehabilitation science, and more. Of course, the purpose of this course is to make these ideas practical, so rather than going 'in inch wide and a mile deep' on any of these topics the aim is to extract and deliver the key concepts, and weave in some narrative along the way so you can take what you learn and apply it to your coaching practice.

If you're interested in purchasing this course you can access the sale page on the Training Think Tank site HERE.

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 9.57.48 AM.png

The Science & Practice of Performance Enhancement with NIRS was originally developed for professional team sport and military trainers. It was presented to small groups or even one-on-one over several days. Now it has been adapted to an online training format. It is the most advanced material that is currently publicly available for using muscle oxygen monitoring to train acyclic sport athletes more effectively.

The course is hosted on Moxy Academy as a partnership between
Emergent Performance Lab and Moxy Monitor. As a promotion for the launch of this course, Moxy is offering a rebate of part of the purchase price for the course that can be applied to the purchase of a Moxy sensor.

If you're interested in purchasing this course you can access the sale page on the Moxy Monitor Academy


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