We provide consulting services to professional coaches and teams interested in improving performance through legal, scientifically validated means. We can interpret and leverage data you have, or develop a custom solution for your performance management needs.

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     Sports  Science & Data Science Integration:

This service is for organizations or teams interested in creating a holistic human performance  program and integrating technologies like NIRS, infrared thermography, as well as leveraging physiologic data collection platforms. We provide the requisite education to ensure you can get the most of these tools and integrate them seamlessly into your program. 

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Physiological Testing:

Using cutting edge technologies and custom data analysis tools we provide comprehensive physiological testing to determine each athletes individual energetic limiters, sport specific limiters, as well as appropriate training loads. After testing we organize a session to discus each individuals results and provide a detailed report with recommended interventions and strategies to enhance performance over the long term.

Physiological testing can be done in person (we bring the lab to you) or remotely if you have access to a lab already. Prices vary based on the number of tests performed, travel costs, and ongoing consultation packages. 

Research & Integration

We invest heavily in research and development to pioneer new and unique technologies and training strategies which give our partnering teams and organizations an unprecedented advantage over their competition.

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